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Outfit20 (2) Outfit20 (3) Outfit20 (4) Outfit20 (5)Photography by: Alysha Lee Edited by: Chevy Chey Photography

I met Chevy kinda randomly actually. I was in search of a photographer for my blog. After meeting with one photographer and discovering we weren’t the perfect match, she posted something on her photog page about a blogger needing a photographer. And, lo and behold, Chevy responded. During our first conversation, Chevy taught me a lot, mostly things about social media and how all the jazz works and operates. And how Insta is cooler than Facebook. “You’d be amazed at the things a 22-year old knows” she told me once. And right she was.

It was a bit of a trial and error, baptism by fire thing at first. We were both new to this blog thing and trying to figure out how it worked. The first time we met for a shoot, it was in Wichita Falls, TX in the middle of fall. I had just gotten my hair and make-up done, and had my car loaded up with 4 different outfits plus accessories and shoes. I met Chevy behind the China Star restaurant because she stated it was a great spot for my country-inspired outfit I wanted to model. I was more focused on fashion blogging at that time, but could not have chosen a worse time to start fashion shoots outside. It was ridiculously cold. Texas is unlike any other cold I’ve ever experienced. I grow up in Colorado, I know cold. I love the snow and live to ski. But Texas cold is damp, and the wind cuts through to your bones. It’s, quite frankly, miserable. But we did it. We stayed outside hopping around from place to place for roughly 3 hours.

As we progressed, and finally figured out what we were doing, we could do a fashion shoot in 20 minutes. She knew my style, I was less awkward in front of the camera. The stars aligned. One thing that Chevy is amazingly good at, is the fact that she can make anyone laugh. I once asked her, “how are you always so happy?” She was a little thrown off I could tell, “I don’t know, I just am.” I literally have never seen this girl have a bad day. Her energy and optimism is contagious. She believes in herself and works pretty freaking hard everyday to be where she is.

Before I moved to Florida. I told Chevy that I’d love if she’d come to Florida for a week to work for me. I was nervous about finding another photographer, and had fallen in love with Chevy’s photography. It was exactly what I was wanting. And it was obvious my readers were into it too. They responded great to her pictures. Part of me feels bad, part of me feels like my blog mostly belongs to my photographers. I mean how much of an article do my readers actually read? If my content sucks but pictures are great, it’s not as bad as if my pictures sucks but content is great. Let’s face it–we still prefer picture books.

In May Chevy flew down to Northwest Florida from Dallas and we got to spend a whole week together. It was a busy week and pushed us both to our limits a little. I kinda jam-packed our week. I was working on a few projects with Proffitt PR, and that kept us busy in addition to all the other features we had lined up. I felt a little bad at the same time. Here Chevy is in one of the most beautiful parts of the country and she’s stuck inside editing photos or being my sidekick during all these features.

But never fail, Chevy is the absolute most lighthearted person I’ve ever met. I mean if she’d had a bad day I’d never would have known. Also- she has this boldness about her that I envy like crazy. I mean she can walk up to anyone and strike up a conversation, and is completely comfortable in her skin. Where as I have to mentally prep myself every time before I talk to someone. The joys of being an introvert.

I’ve never met another person who’s met Chevy that hasn’t absolutely fallen in love with this girl. Chevy did a few family sessions while she was here, and most of the feedback I got from my friends were, “Gee, normally I hate taking pictures, but that wasn’t bad at all.” She makes it fun and easy.

Chevy does this thing sometimes during photo shoots were she asks me to think of something really funny. Kinda a ploy to get me to laugh and capture a real smile. But 90% of the time, I’m smiling because she starts laughing and then I start laughing back and it’s this insane moment of laughing for no apparent reason other than the fact that it’s contagious. But that’s what life is all about, right? I mean, life is beautiful, right?

There’s no doubt in my mind the world would be full of so much more laughter if there were more Chevys. I’m just lucky I got to know one of them.

xx, Al

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